Still Have questions?

Does my organization have to have a 501(c)3 nonprofit status?

No.  A cause of any size doing good for their community and the world around them can use Purpose Driven Shopping. A 501(c)3 status is NOT required.

We are a small organization. Can we use your free service?

Yes.  Organizations of any size can use our service.

How much can my organization expect to make?

This is a question that gets asked a lot and rightly so.  However, it is extremely hard to predict as there are crucial factors that influence your success.

  • Your commitment to marketing your retailer page. Your audience will need to be reminded on a continual basis about your retailer page.
  • Understanding that your target audience is not only your donors but also your employees, volunteers, friends and family.
  • Utilizing all methods of getting the word out.
  • Increasing awareness of your retailer page around the largest online shopping time of the year – November and December i.e. the Holiday Season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • The commitment of your participants to your cause and the frequency in which they shop online.

What’s always going to work in your favor is that the amount of online sales are increasing in the double digits every year and shoppers are continuing to flock to the internet.

How much does my organization make from each retailer?

The percentage displayed under each retailer on your retailer page is the full amount you’ll receive.  Purpose Driven Shopping does NOT take a cut of the displayed percentage.

How do we get paid?

Every month you will receive a check from Purpose Driven Shopping for the earnings generated from your retailer page.  If your balance is less than $50, your balance will carry over to the next month.

When do we get paid?

Due to the ability for online purchases to be returned up to 90 days (depending on the retailer), there is a delay of up to 140 days from the time the transaction is made to the time it is paid out.  For example, a purchase placed online in February, will be paid out in June.

Can we change the banner on our retailer page?

Absolutely!  Either send us the art work you have or tell us what changes you’d like.  There’s no limit to the amount of times you can change the banner.

How long has Purpose Driven Shopping been in business?

The concept for Purpose Driven Shopping was born in 2016 with the mission to assist dog parks across the U.S. in raising funds for their park.  We quickly realized our free service was greatly needed across the entire nonprofit sector and in May of 2018 we changed our name and rolled out Purpose Driven Shopping.  We now create custom retailer pages for causes and nonprofits of all sizes.